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Best Way To Work

I love my workstation. I highly recommend getting a wide screen curved monitor to go with it. But the work experience is great. I move around multiple times a day from siting to reclining to standing. Plus the overall station takes up less room in my office then my old desk did. I looked at a lot of competitive products. I believe that Altwork has two big benefits over them. It is very solidly made but still a much better price point then the other solid stations. It also is much easier to move if necessary than the other solid stations, many of which take multiple people to move. Anything that is a lower price point is not nearly the same quality as Altwork. So I would obvioulsy highly recommend this product. I would also say the Signature station is definitely worth the extra money.

I can work again!!

This setup is perfect for me. I needed the ability to change how I sit/recline by very small increments - not just choose from 4 pre-set positions. When I told my (only, part time) assistant how much I was spending, he flipped out and started showing me a bunch of other setups. I explained that an inch in the wrong direction can make a huge difference in whether I can walk well the next day.

Honestly, it was way out of my budget, but I'm self employed and can't afford NOT to work. If I turn down work, my clients will go elsewhere, and I'll lose a lot more than the cost of the chair!

Better than I expected

The quality of the signature station, even at this price point, is honestly even better than I expected. The details they thought of, from the cable covers, to the trim and hardware is really incredible. Even the tools they send with it to put it together are actual quality tools, not just the junk you usually get with build-it yourself furniture.

My only tiny complaint is that I wish the headrest had just a little more range of motion. It's still way more than any other chair but in certain positions I could use it to lock about an inch further forward.

Side Table
Jade Howe

Like everything Altwork builds this table is rock solid. I love it almost as much as the my Altwork cup holder !!

Monitor Mount Systems
Tyler Stringham
I never want to go back to before

The Altwork Signature station has completely changed how I work!~ I can't imagine going back to sitting on a normal chair and working. So nice to click a button and recline back work. If you think about it, if you work from home and work 8+ hours a day, the price is well worth it! I was a little wary of the price tag, but I use it for so many hours every single day, it's well worth it for me haha. Love it so much. I will never go back to before :D

Altwork Flex Station
Adrianne Burnikel
Helped my chronic pain

I have suffered from chronic pain since- as long as I can remember. I've tried working from a recliner or even bed. But nothing helped. That is, until I found Altwork. Now I can finish my workday pain-free. Thank you Altwork!

Altwork Notebook
King Waters
Clever addition to the WorkStation

This notebook is reasonably priced and is perfect for taking notes at Zoom meetings or during longer on-line videos. Supermagnets in the corners of the covers keep the book from sliding.

Altwork Tumbler Holder
Eliezer Orellana
Best customer support and awesome engineering

Highly recommend


I’ve been using my Artwork Station for over 2 years now. The original set up was laptop stand with a 4k monitor. Recently, I had a need to be able to access 2 computers from my Station, so I added the dual monitor arm.

The arm was easy to install, and included all of the hardware necessary to mount 2 4k monitors. Now I have access to two computers (1 laptop and a desktop), each with it’s own monitor.

Should have done this sooner!

Altwork Tumbler Holder
Steven Schwartz

Does what it needs to do, drinks no longer slide off the table!

No Pain Necessary

I do have back pain though, loads of it. Three spinal surgeries and chronic pain accompanied by muscle spasms led me to finally make this investment. Like many Altworkers, I wish I had done it sooner. The special pricing they were running at the time cemented the deal for me. Anyway, it doesn't cure back pain; it does not claim to, but it does help, and I absolutely LOVE working in the "zero-gravity" positions. I spend between 8 and 12 hours in my Altwork every day, and I know I would have loved it even if I didn't need it to help with my spinal issues. That being said, there is no way I could spend that much time in it using only the rock-hard padding it comes with. I added a 2" memory foam crib mattress and one of those neck-support pillows, and those make it perfect for me. I do wish that the laptop mount was adjustable, but that could be because my spinal issues include my neck, which makes it uncomfortable for me to keep my head turned so far. I have the vertical monitor stack, but I don't recommend it. The monitors need to be farther away from your face than the workstation allows in order to not be craning your neck to look at the top one.
tl:dr: 5 stars for the unit itself; highly recommend though it needs extra padding; accessories could benefit from further development

Side Table
Angel Gómez de la Fuente
New way of working

I spend many hours in front of my computer for work purposes.
I have spent several months looking for a seat that really solved all my comfort needs for so many hours of work.
In the end I decided on Altwork Signature and I wasn't wrong!
It is the best decision I could have made.
I am truly delighted. It is designed in every detail for the comfortable use of the worker.
I live in the country. I work at home and I am surrounded by a landscape that is breathtakingly beautiful. I am very fortunate. I was just missing my Altwork Signature.
I have already recommended it to several of my neighbors.
Thank you very much Altwork.
Angel Gómez de la Fuente
Ribadesella - Asturias - España - Europa

AltWork is a Game Changer

I have been suffering from lower back pain for the better part of the past 7 years. I have tried working at a standing desk, but found that it is extremely difficult to work standing for 8 hours a day when you have back pain. I have also tried working laying down using my laptop, but that eventually resulted in pain and strain in my neck and shoulders. A few months ago I was in a state of complete despair, not knowing if/how I was going to be able to keep working because I was in so much pain.
I remembered having read an article about the AltWork (or something like it) a few years ago, so I did some searching and found the AlWork Station. Buying one represents a significant investment, so my wife and I scheduled an in-person demo up in LA to go experience it. I knew almost immediately that it was going to help.
I have had my AltWork Signature Station for over a month now, and I am happy to report that I am mostly pain free at this point. It has been a complete game changer for me. I am able to switch between sitting, reclining and standing throughout my day, which has helped me to stay out of pain. I am also doing physical therapy (which I would highly recommend for anyone with lower back pain), but I don't know what I would do without my AltWork. In truth, I would probably be disabled right now if it weren't for AltWork.

Great Workstation

I have been using the Altwork Workstation for about a month and love everything about it. I have the triple monitor mount and have several favorite position settings saved to make it easy to switch between them. It is so much better than being in the standard "sitting at the desk" position for eight hours or more a day that I have done for 25 years. I feel better during the day as I believe it is helping with circulation and just the ability to change positions is relieving some of the aches and pains I was use too. It is better than I expected and I was expecting a lot!!

Altwork TruVue
Jessica Ayers
Better than I imagined

I had been wanting the Signature Altwork Station for years as I thought it might help reduce the pain I experience from a herniated disc while sitting at a traditional desk. I finally took the plunge recently when a great promotion was offered. I clearly thought it would be wonderful but I can’t believe how much easier it is to get work done and stay focused when I’m not in pain. I wish I had gotten it sooner!

Altwork TruVue
Another Che
Darkness comes to light with TrueVue

With remote work being the norm, need to look your best, and TrueVue does not disappoint. Quality materials, adjustable lights, can change the hue (warm or cool). This was a much needed accessory for anyone that does a lot of meetings/presentations and need to look their best. I use it every time my camera is online. Whether presenting to stakeholders or auditioning reading lines for a particular acting role, TrueVue makes sure you are shown in the best light!

Great Device

It is versatile I can even use this on my boat.

Altwork TruVue
Near perfect lighting solution for video calls

Yes, it's expensive, but it's the best lighting solution on the market for video calls. The lighting is full, satisfying, and infinitely adjustable. Being able to position the camera in the middle of the screen is an unusual feature, too, and it works naturally.

Excellent and Fun

Perfect workstation for gaming and work. I have neck and back pain that is no longer irritated by sitting. Also very responsive customer service.

safe and accurate assembly service

very good service.

Dream come true :)

Really good product. Exactly what I wanted. Only problem is with the neck rest. The bump is not comfortable even after adjustments. Rest assured, It's a no brainer purchase!

Great workstation

I use this solid workstation everyday for the last 2 months and my lower back is better.
I am very happy with it.

Great job!

Seamless install, and the desk is working great. Thank you!

Altwork Signature Station
Edward Fletcher
Altwork station

I love my Altwork Station, So happy with all its functions, Makes my job easier!
I would recommend this desk to anyone! i looked for quite so time and could not find
anything that came close to it!!

My Chiropractor Will See Less Of Me

I know I can't make medical claims, but I have reduced my scheduled appointments with my Chiropractor to only maintenance appointments. I can now easily enjoy a full, focused day of work that would leave me tired, stiff, and sore previously. I have zero regrets for this investment and the ease of use for changing positions from standing to sitting, reclining and more are better than I imagined. I have tried many previous chairs including Aeron, stand-up desks, and more, but this wins above all. The investment will easily be recouped with increased productivity, savings on appointments, and I can't even explain the joy of looking at such a wonderfully designed piece of furniture.
Thank you Altwork for creating this personal space in our work and creative lives.